Probate Litigation

Probate Litigation: Reasons Wills are Contested

Probate courts are governed at the state level, and each location features different rules and requirements for how an estate is handled. One of the best ways to protect your wishes throughout a probate process, regardless of location, is to prepare strong estate documents in advance. Even if you have a will or other document, family members or others might contest it in court.

Heirs in Music Plagiarism Case Win Large Settlement

Not every heir receives the creative portfolio of someone such as Marvin Gaye, but many individuals across the country may inherit copyrighted material. In a recent case involving Marvin Gaye's heirs, a court verdict illustrates the fact that strong estate planning can protect assets -- including creative assets -- long-term.

Undue Influence in the Drafting of a Massachusetts Will

Even if you know that your parent or grandparent drafted a will on his or her own, you may have reason to believe that the will should not be considered valid. When you find yourself in this position, it's crucial that you know what legal options you have in Massachusetts.

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