Probate Litigation

The Probate Process in Massachusetts

While people may have heard of probating a will, they may not be certain exactly what the process involves. The probate process follows a specific procedure, allowing the administration of the estate and distribution of the assets to the designated beneficiaries.

Do Massachusetts Residents Have to Probate Estates?

Probate can be an expensive endeavor. In Massachusetts,probate litigation is handled by the Family and Probate court system, and fees for filings alone in probate matters range from $60 to $400 per filing, though there is not a fee for the initial appointment of or letters of appointment for a fiduciary. Because of the expense and hassle of probate, families may want to take non-probate action on an estate when possible.

Does Your Estate Planning Consider Your Mortgage?

For some families in Massachusetts, the passing of a loved one brings more than emotional loss. In some cases, a death can result in the loss of property that has been in the family for years -- or even a loss of home and shelter.

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