Trust Administration

What Happens When a Trust Ends?

While the word "trust" tends to conjure up images of tennis rackets, golf clubs and days spent at the country club, trusts can be valuable estate planning tools for many Massachusetts residents. A trust gives your estate plan a level of privacy that a will cannot because wills have to go through probate. It also gives you greater control over how your assets will be disbursed.

Living Trusts Provide Protection

Massachusetts individuals may utilize living trusts as an effective estate planning tool to help carry out their desires. By drafting a trust correctly, grantors can use assets during their lifetime that they need while also providing structure for their heirs after they die.

5 Untrue Things You Might Believe About Trusts

Certain myths exist about trusts that residents in Massachusetts and around the world may believe. Even celebrities such as Sting and Philip Seymour Hoffman have let myths about trusts dictate estate planning decisions. In the case of Mr. Hoffman, the choices eventually led to tax and estate problems that his children now face.

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