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Employment Law

employment law

Lead by partners Don Keavany and John Mavricos, our Employment Law practice group capitalizes on our business expertise and our decades of litigation experience. We represent both employees and employers in a wide variety of employment law matters.

As litigators we are well-positioned to investigate and pursue wage and hour violations and claims of discrimination, harassment, or retaliation. We have a track record of obtaining favorable results for employee plaintiffs both through settlement and at trial. We also assist employees with understanding and negotiating confidentiality, non-solicitation, and non-competition agreements, and work with departing employees to obtain beneficial severance agreements.

We employ our business expertise to counsel corporate clients on best practices for employment issues. We negotiate agreements with key employees and develop custom employee handbooks that govern and inform the relationship of our clients with their employees. When claims against employers arise we work for a fair resolution and, if litigation is necessary, a vigorous and efficient defense.

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