Tax Law


Tax Law

Tax issues touch upon many areas of the law, and can significantly affect transactions in the areas of estate planning, commercial law and real estate law. At CHWM, we offer comprehensive legal guidance to individuals and businesses in Massachusetts. With our extensive experience in numerous areas of the law, we understand how greatly tax implications can affect the profitability of business transactions as well as the long-term financial health of our individual, business, and estate planning clients. In addition to long-term retirement planning, we like to advise our clients how changes in their lifestyles as well as frequent tax law changes will affect them on a yearly basis.

Our attorneys, Stuart A. Hammer, Arthur J. Giacomarra, Marvin S. Silver, and Christopher R. Mitchell, bring their substantial tax planning experience to assist our firm’s clients when tax considerations factor into their overall legal strategy. By providing this type of proactive and comprehensive counsel, we ensure that our clients’ interests are protected no matter what their needs are. Our attorneys have substantial experience in tax planning as well as helping clients comply with their federal and state tax obligations.

tax law

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